What We Offer

The Crossover Leadership Development Framework

The Crossover Leadership Development Framework creates leaders at all levels; Associate, Middle and Senior Professionals. We believe holistic training in the four facets of Self, Team, Operational and Organizational Leadership effectively prepares the leaders of tomorrow. Our uniqueness lies in our Journey approach which helps to apply the learning on the job with the support provided from the Crossover Mentoring Team through contextual articles, videos, action learning plans, leadership engagement, periodic reviews and coaching. Assessments aid and guide the inception of the journey.

4 Facets of Leadership

We have found that training through the lens of the 4 facets of leadership helps the organization bring in sustained performance while keeping the customer at the center at all times. Often, organizations pay attention to Self and Team leadership, leaving operational leadership to central functions. This ends up resulting in low operational efficiency or high customer dissatisfaction. The fourth facet, Organizational Leadership, helps to reduce silo thinking and encourages collaboration between departments.

9 Skills of Leadership

Multiple skills are imparted through the 4 Facets of Leadership to enable a leader’s performance on a holistic level. Emotional Intelligence is a foundational skill for any leader followed by the way a leader communicates, i.e. his/her Communication Skills. Understanding a Customer’s Strategy is a key skill that often requires a change in internal strategy which entails skills in Change Management. Change cannot happen in silos and will need Collaboration Skills between functions. A leader without Digital Skills will become extinct. Finally, the leader needs to demonstrate delivery through Execution Excellence and run the organization profitably with Operational Excellence.

Leadership Modules at 3 Levels

In order for the entire organization to perform cohesively as a unit, it is important to develop skills at all levels and align them to the common vision, purpose and goals of the organization. Some modules apply to Mid-Level whereas the others apply to Senior level or Associate Level. This visual conveys the various modules available at the 3 levels, therefore showing the relationship with the 4 facets and 9 skills of leadership.

Sample Leadership Journey Model

The research team at Crossover Leadership Journeys recommends this 12 months Journey Model that systematically develops leaders in all 4 facets of Leadership. Their learnings on the job are supported by the Crossover Mentoring team. Besides classroom sessions, continued learning is bolstered through contextual articles, videos, leadership engagement and coaching.

Crossover Process Consulting Model

DRIVE is the proprietary framework of Crossover that helps organizations streamline their processes. It helps in giving clarity to employees on the vision of the organization, the empowerment to perform, the decision making matrix and how the data flows within the organization so that there are no bottlenecks hampering the growth of the organization,

Crossover Shared Services

Mid Size Companies find it difficult to hire senior leaders both from cost perspective and also keeping them engaged. Crossover has solved this problem by offering senior leader services in a shared service model. Crossover not only streamlines the three functions but also supports them on an ongoing basis like all our other services in journey format.